Friday, December 21, 2007

My Own Personal Christmas Tradition

Every year I do this.

Every year I wait until the last possible moment before I do the Christmas thing.

So here is the Christmas checklist:

Have I bought any presents yet?
No - we are shopping this afternoon. Why so early, you ask? Well, we are going back to the property tomorrow morning, so I have fulfilled my Christmas tradition of putting off shopping until the last possible moment.

Well, have I sent any Christmas cards?
No - well, the o/s ones went (last week after a week in my car and a 500km round trip, in the mailbox on Sunday night) and I have a list - does that count? How do you think I know that Christmas card rates last until the start of the New Year?

How about all that baking and cooking I mean to do?
Well, with a 4.30am wake up, you will be pleased to know that everything that needs to rest in the fridge is now resting and the baking will be taking place - and soon!

Any sewing projects this year?
The good news is the stuff for kids is nearly done. The bad news is that the stuff for kids was nearly done in October and so the sewing machine will be travelling to the property with us. As to the adults stuff? Looks like a bumper 2008!

So, am I going to do all the wrapping and crap tonight?

Heck no! - that is what Christmas Eve is for, after all!!! Tonight will be cleaning up, packing for the property and trying to prise out of V what he is offering me in the way of Christmas spirits.

I know all of you have done it all already (I read your blogs!) but don't you think "Christmas Tradition" is a much better spin on it than "Procrastination"?


Tracey said...

Jeanie, I aspire to be like you! And I'm pretty much achieving it this year too...!!

Will you have internet access at the farm? If not, hope you have a good one!! and I'll be looking forward to reading all about your Christmas when you get back.

jeanie said...

lol Tracey - it takes years of practice to perfect procrastination! And the worst bit is that you never really MEAN to, so the practice is carried out in less than ideal conditions.

Internet will be Satellite (if it works) but very sporadic, very slow and very painful - so I probably won't be checking back in until after Boxing Day - well, unless I am inspired before we leave tomorrow morning...

You have a great one yourself, hey?

Melody said...

Jeanie, your post made me laugh! Sometimes last minute is a good thing, but I couldn't do that. I'd be stressed to the max and I don't exactly like being too stressed. It doesn't mix well with a 3 year old...

jeanie said...

Melody - I think it is a case of "I am going to stress any way - why peak too early?"

It mixes easily with a 3 year old - just add alcohol and it all dissolves into a fine haze!

Actually, I can't remember any Christmas's between her first and the last one.

BreadBox said...

Jeanie, you sound almost as far ahead of the game this year as I am! Hope it all works out for you, and welcome to Michele's meet and greet, whence I came today,

Liv said...

jeanie! i feel like we're christmas twins in opposite hemispheres! i will be baking on saturday and sunday. my mom is coming. i hope this helps me out some.

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Jeanie, I've just finished my christmas shopping, JJ has sat on Santa's knee and now I too have to wrap presents. You and your family have a fabulous christmas.

jeanie said...

Thanks Jen - you too.

Wow - four whole days to wrap presents - that's luxury!!!

Liv - I think there is an international collective of us - we should have a conference, but noone will ever organise it!!!

Have a great Christmas.

Lin said...

I have no presents yet, no food shopping done either, no christmas cards ready - let alone sent - and fortunately don't intend to do any baking because all I want to do is sit down and not get up for at least the next 2 days. Haha!

And it's still 3 whole days until Christmas, so why the rush? Haha!

Have a lovely holiday and a wonderful christmas.

jeanie said...

Lin - don't freak me like that - its 4 days because I intend to keep on counting today until its really all gone!

I am glad to know that I am not Robinson Crusoe on this tradition, really.

You have a great Christmas too.

Brissiemum2 said...

Oh I'm so with you! I hate the pressie wrapping thing, too! Why can't we just give it to them in the plastic bag we bought it in???? Rofl!

Anonymous said...

lol BM2 - yep, and that whole taking the price tag off is SO last century!!!

Jeanie (who can't be bothered with the whole logging oneself in from the property on this darned internet connection!)

Cathy, Amy and Kristina said...

I wrap on Christmas Eve too. Every year. I have to have a deadline in order to function.