Thursday, December 13, 2007

Public Service Announcements

Am I crashing YOUR computer? If my site is causing you any computer headaches or problems, please email me at "jeanieinparadise at yahoo dot com" (only take out the "at" and insert "@", take out the "dot" and insert "." and take out all the spaces).

And yes, I know the obvious answer is "how can we answer if your site crashes the computer if your site crashes our computer!" like I am some sort of dummy (or you are, and I don't mean to infer that) but if you are one of my lovely subscribers through Bloglines or Google and have noticed this, let me know. The rest of you I will have to guess about.

Those of you who follow avidly and keep and eye on the calendar will know that yesterday was not a day to mess around with me. Today I am a much saner person, and will let you in on a secret.

Yesterday, I used Red Wednesday powers for good, not evil!

Yesterday, of course, attracted the usual sort of merde - universe conspiring to undo my plans, head threatening to explode - but I rose above.

It started with my confirmation of dinner plans with the neighbour, and getting a "can we make it next week instead" response. Darn - I had not planned on cooking for the next 5 days, and suddenly I am confronted with having to thaw thomething and think of what to prepare. But I rose above, ladies (oh, and you honey) by not only cooking something, but INVENTING a whole new recipe that was delicious, involved some chicken AND used up the leftovers. I am a genius.

I also had a bad case of the grumps - but I channelled my morning grumpiness into hard-labour floor washing, and we are all grateful for that small mercy. There was something involving pork recently for dinner, and I think that the lino got a lard preparation.

I also got over the bookwork blues by bicycling to the post office and newsagency - and got rewarded with a cheque in the mail! The bank got rewarded with a sweaty depositor, but hey, with the fees they charge I am allowed to perspire.

The afternoon was threatening to be a write off, with the monthly migraine, so I dosed up and lay down - 'Salina was due to go to After School Care so I had an hour before the guilt would get me to collect - but ha! universe served me a beauty with her "forgetting" to go, so she got to see me collapse and groan while she had afternoon tea.

She wanted to play downstairs for a while, so I harnessed her youthful exuberance into handing the clothes and pegs to me and save my sinuses from killing me with the bending down - then, as she did not wish to cycle to the shops with me for provisions, stepped RIGHT into my FIRING LINE. She has not yet learned to mess with Menstrual Mother.

I texted V to collect milk, greens and sanity from the local IGA, and then whipped 'Salina in to her room for a little therapy. And my goodness, there is nothing like a banshee helping you clean up your room to make things get sorted. Things got turfed that have needed the treatment for a year. Shelves got sorted, drawers are now organised - and there is SPACE.

Do you know what? As she now has a clear desk, 'Salina has not once said "I am bored." Instead, she has spent all of her free time doing stuff on the freshly cleared surface. And how happy is she? Ecstatic. As is her mother - well, ecstatic mixed with the guilt that I should have done this much earlier - but that would be the Blue Thursday spin on things...


Maude Lynn said...

My daughter has no respect or fear of Menstrual Mother . . . yet!

No problems with your site, by the way.

Melody said...

Yeah, I do have a problem with your blog when I use the computer, but it is fine when I use the laptop. When I use the computer it gets all locked up and causes me headaches, but no probs what-so-ever on the laptop....