Friday, December 28, 2007


Remember how I had a problem with a television station hiding and moving a show I discovered?

In fact, of late Network 10 has not only switched it back and forth between Sundays and Fridays to do Pavlov experiments on viewers of Outrageous Fortune. No indeed, they have decided a more sinister approach of stuffing any night they didn't have a clueless crap program to fill the latest shift with my new favourite show - see just how desparate viewers could be.

The answer is - Not That - I like my sleep and to plan on doing so a little in advance, so I catch every odd one when I am up to it but have resigned myself to not ever knowing the full story.

Last night, however, a new twist to my own personal Outrageous Fortune drama unfolded.

Last night, V and I were doing the last minute flick around before bedtime rituals were attended. We were on WIN (country folks channel 9) and the next program disclaimer came on - Mature Adults, all sorts of references. V asked if it were my programme, but we both dismissed that as it was the wrong station and we kept flicking. Five minutes later, the station we had landed on started spouting ads so we did another flick. Would you believe - it really WAS my new lost favourite show, but a previous season.

I have a feeling that Channel Nine may have read my blog (okay, maybe there are more than I watching it and the Summer ratings were reflecting), realised that they had a season of this up their sleeves and decided to adopt the policy of Channel 10 and fill some late night space...

Either that, or it is a conspiracy...

So now I know the background to the first ever episode I watched - and I discovered that the production qualities have travelled a l-o-n-g way since this first series.

So, have you ever discovered and lost a TV show?

I try not to take it personally, and I have already braced myself that this new-found wealth of riches will be pulled at the whim of a TV executive, but it still does sting a little, like the pain of lost love.

There was Eastenders - yes, I know it was a crap English soap opera, but it was my crap English soap opera and you never forget your first.

There was Thirty Something - whatever did happen? Apparently there were several seasons after it was ripped from my eyes, but I will forever be caught in the unfolding drama of an impending divorce between the brunette and her hubster, and the divorced ones sneaking around getting back together behind people's backs.

There were comedies whose names I forget, for my affair with them was so fleeting - but they didn't make the masses laugh and they were jerked from my screen before we could fully bond.

I know, I know - I need to return to only watch ABC and SBS as they know how to engender some loyalty and have some values - and I know how good for me their programming can be, but its like junk food - you don't watch commercial television for nutritional content but the mindlessness on offer.

Sigh - oh well, maybe Outrageous Fortune will just have to remain the programme I hook up with as long as I am able, either flash new version on Channel 10 or naive young version on Win/9, but that I never allow myself to love too deeply, because I do know how those b*st*rds operate.

But there is nothing so pathetic as steeling your heart against a holiday fling.


Liv said...

hmmm....i don't think i've ever lost a show. i tend to be one of those people who starts watching shows after they've been taken off the air. for instance, i never watched seinfeld or friends until the shows went into syndication. i'm always behind the curve.

Anonymous said...

I was gonna try and be a hero and find you some video links to the full shows, it runs on TV3 over here but in the brief search I did I was only able to find the trailers for some episodes. Might be worth looking on You Tube for them though!
I have to admit to having a growing addiction to OF didn't really get into it until this season though!
Sorry I couldn't help you with your addiction

Crazed Nitwit said...

Thirty something~Michael became a creative big wig at Mile's ad agency, he quit towards end of series and checked out an agency is LA. Hope was very unhappy with Michael and wanted to focus on her career goals and Michael stay home with the two kids.

Nancy had ovarian cancer and was cancer free. Elliot stopped being an idiot and he wooed Nancy back. Plus Nancy published several children's books.

Peter died in a bike accident.

Ellyn got married to a pretty cute guy.

Michael's cousin shacked up with a much younger man and angsted for a season. Yawn. Melissa! That was her name.

I think that's most of it in a nutshell.

I have not lost any tvshows. My current favorites~House M.D. with Hugh Laurie, Prison Break and Criminal Minds.

It's so hard to imagine summer here near Seattle. It's all dark and cold and snowy(not sticking).

Brissiemum2 said...

Jericho! Whatever happened to that??? One minute it was on tv for a new season and next minute....pulled! I'm sure that Channel 10 decided to do this just cause it was canned in the US!

And Veronica Mars...apparently there are unaired eps here! >:(

I haven't heard of your new fave tv show yet....will have to check it out. I am completely besotted with all thing vampire via Moonlight atm so perhaps summer tv won't be such a bore after all!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Outrageous Fortune. It is annoying that they move it about and have it on so late. It is on Ch 9, 10 and foxtel at the moment. All different bits.I am lucky I have foxtel IQ so can set it to record it when ever it is on, but usually find myself up till 1am watching the doubles on 10.

Perhaps you'll just have to wait till it makes its way to Oz on DVD.