Sunday, December 09, 2007

You have to feel sorry for V

Poor old V...

Eddie attempted the 5am wake up on me this morning and for the first time in a long time failed.

I slept in until 6.45am - woo hoo.

Of course, Eddie just moved on to the next person in the pecking order to waken, so 'Salina was up at 5.10am. Which dominoed into V being up by 5.15 - but the darlings allowed me to sleep until 6.45. I am truly blessed.

Well, I got my tea and made noises about washing clothes, washing dishes, attacking gardens, convoluted trailer strategies, 'Salina's social engagements - the day has just started and my to-do list immediately sprang to the fore - so I came in to the computer to commune with nature my addictive id for a moment or two.

V came in to discuss something with me.

I responded with some comments that are not repeatable here, but just imagine breathy tones, knowledge of child-free hours soon and fill in the gaps - he got the message anyway to be on alert.

Both 'Salina and he intermittently yelled topics of discussion through to my not-yet-fully-caffienated-internet-soaked mind - about things, I wasn't really paying enough attention.

Then V mentioned that it might be time for me to "switch off the TV" (a comment often directed at 'Salina's lack of interaction) - which I did.

Then V mentioned that Outrageous Fortune (see previous rant) was scheduled for a Sunday night appearance at 11.10pm.

Then V started getting breakfast ready and I began cleaning and planning and doing and vibrating with the "to-dos". As I went to the freezer to retrieve frozen offerings for dinner tonight, V took an opportunity to mention - non-verbally - about the breathy tone scenario I had raised earlier. I snarled...

He was confused - "but 10 minutes ago" - "10 minutes is a long time, baby - especially this week" I mentioned to him.

The good news is he laughed about it. The good news is it is a few hours later and 'Salina is at a friend's house until 2pm. The other news is that V has crashed out - an avoidance of the quixotic nature of a pre-menstrual woman technique, perhaps.

So I blog in lieu of better things to do.


Maude Lynn said...

"Ten minutes is a time, baby!" Amen and amen!

Maude Lynn said...

Ooops! Meant "long time!"

Julie Pippert said...

Oh that feeling of woozy-headed hanging out at the computer morning...alas, poor Yorick, I know it well.


Using My Words

Just-Me-Jen said...

Later, he'll be asking why you didn't wake him up... ;-p