Sunday, December 02, 2007

Rainy Day Ruminations

ha ha ha - thought I would check the definition of ruminations - it seemed an apt word, but I wanted to make sure.

All but one definition this fits - read assured, I will refrain from regurgitating small quantities.

So anyway, its Sunday - Paradise is currently overcast, blustery and wet - which is perfect Sunday weather unless you were thinking of mowing the lawn or getting laundry dry or looking forward to Carols on the Foreshore tonight.

I awoke at my current body alarm time of 5.45am. Couldn't even blame 'Salina today - she was flat out snoring. So was V - Eddie could have some of my ire, as he was getting mighty comfortable on my feet, but that is normal behaviour so I will have to concede that maybe it just IS that I will be up at an ungodly hour until such time as I need to be, when my body will finally find the need to sleep dominates.

Of course, my immediate thought was food. It was not a "I am so hungry, what sustenance is available" waking - more a "what ingredients do I have to cook with and what will I make for my family/friends/strangers" type of situation.

Speaking of cooking, way back when I began this blogging malarkey, I was spurred in to action by Jenn and her Virtual Cookie Exchange.

Well, now I have an oven, and so I really intend to get some delicacy together.

That was not my impetus this morning though. I had promised V some Chocolate Squares, and the visitors had never had any of my Muesli Bars so it was time to ration the butter and make as much as I could.

For some reason, the Muesli Bars were wetter than usual, so I rolled them and rebaked - mmmmMMmmmm, may just become the new normal!!

Anyway - off to eat more - calories don't count on rainy Sundays, do they?


Julie Pippert said...

Calories only count 50% on weekend but you can get it to 0% if you

a. eat it off someone else's plate
b. eat it while standing
c. pick at it off your own plate while moving about doing other things too

At least in my rule book, LOL.

Using My Words

Crazed Nitwit said...

jeanie~thanks for the comments on my post. Since my husband and I live in the same house so I figure if he's looking for some action he should looking to me first. Hard to do when you have a 16yo and a 19yo living with us in a small noise travels house.

He and I will work on this because neither of us are ready to walk away. In our 21 years of marriage we've lived through miscarriages, the birth of 3 boys, the death of our youngest son, the death of my mom a year after our son, several episodes of unemployment, me going from stay at home mom to full time student and a gazillion other stressful events. I'm not sure we know what 'normal' is.

Have fun with the cookies. My time will be spent on school work and studying for final until Dec 13. Along with the usual teenage stuff.

Thanks again.

Maude Lynn said...

Also, if your child steals part of your cookie, then NONE of that cookie counts toward your caloric intake. Plus, you are required (REQUIRED, I tell you) to get another cookie!