Thursday, August 28, 2008

Conundrum of Olympic Proportions

'Salina has to do an Olympic presentation to her class today.

We She created a bar chart with the medal tally.

She found a picture of Libby Trickett (carrying her pillow) being greeted at the airport. 'Salina is most impressed by the pillow.

She wanted one more bit of information. How many countries in the world competed.

Of the 192 UN recognised countries, only Brunei was not represented.

However, 205 countries did compete.



Maude Lynn said...

I second your "huh!"

Melissa said...

Am geek, so had to find the answer...

It's not so much as countries, as National Olympic Committees. Independent territories can have their own NOC's. This would be places like American Samoa, Bermuda, and Palestine.

Who knew? :)

Crazed Nitwit said...

Countries with human rights violations have been sanctions by UN, for example the Sudan. ;)

Life. Complicated. said...

Might 'Salina also include the University of Texas who won 10 gold medals overall and would have placed 19th for the number of medals overall had they been included as a country?


Good luck on her presentation!!

Jayne said...

10,500 athletes were there.
From where? Buggered if I know lol.

jeanie said...

Melissa - thank you!!! I knew there had to be some "logic" just couldn't move my brain to indepth investigation - thank goodness for you.

mamaZen - check out Melissa.

Crazed Mom - but the IOC still acknowledge them?

LC - lol - I saw a chart the other day that had England and her former colonies or occupied territories at number 1!

Jayne - thank you for that added titbit - there were also about 300,000 condoms in the village too (or I could be making that up!)