Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Recommended Reading...

Yay me - I have made an effort in updating my blogroll (over to the right and down a bit). If you are a voracious reader of me and I have inadvertently left you off or spelt you wrong, please let me know.

Of course, I must admit that the huge list you see there is unfortunately a fraction of those who I find on procrastinatory ambles around the blogosphere and as a result, I have an atrocious amount of blogs in my reader - I do have it categorised and I do tend to skim a fair bit, but sometimes something catches my eye.

As a result, I currently have 10 things bookmarked to keep fresh that I thought I would share with you:
  1. Life's Funny Like That - The Bike - warning, there will be need of tissues, but in a "how poignant" way
  2. Dream Mom - When the Department of Human Services Cuts Hit Home-Who is Left to Care for the Disabled? - again, tissues - first for the weeping, and then to tear up during the gnashing
  3. Empowering Girls: So Sioux Me - Steal This Christmas Gift Please! - for all mothers of girls thinking "what to get"
  4. Scribbit's August Write Away winner because I still haven't got through the whole list of great entries
  5. Smart Bitches Trashy Books - links for reading pleasure because there are some fantastic ones there that I really like
  6. Alosha's Kitchen - shrimp and sausage slow cooker jambalaya because I dream that one day, I will have the shrimp and the sausage and I will make this (tissues required for drool)
  7. Woman In a Window - MY VEGETABLE MAN - wow - fantastic piece of writing
  8. You'll Eat it and Like It! - Self-Saucing Sticky Date Pud self-explanatory really - I think I will...
  9. Again from You'll Eat it and Like It! - Pollo al Chilindron - hmm, notice a theme here? I ain't gaining weight from just looking at recipes - thank goodness, because otherwise this blog would be named "Paradise in Jeanie" wouldn't it?
  10. Three Ring Circus - Approved - yay.


Debby said...

Well, gosh, that was nice, but I didn't think that was an especially sad post...

Woman in a Window said...

I am so surprised/happy/surprised to see me there. Thank you for taking the time to come my way and for liking what you saw. Thank you!

Brissiemum2 said...

Oh thanks for the slow cooker one. I'm always open to new recipes for mine! Atm, I have a coconut rice and fish going - it is my fave kitchen electrical device!

And yep, I love the foodie blogs, too. They do make your mouth water!

Anonymous said...

Oh NO!!! Now I have more to check out with my feedreader groaning.... LOL