Friday, May 08, 2009

The Birthday that just keeps on giving

Sorry guys, I seem to have mislead you.

The party was 10 years ago.

My birthday was 2 weeks ago.

I still have plans (well, not well formed, but wispy ideas) of celebrating the 40th at some unspecified date in the future - hopefully by the time I am 50 I will have done so!!

The day itself was not so crash hot, and with work and 'Salina's current misery I STILL haven't sat down and worked out even a dinner with my family - let alone such excess that I organised in 1999.

However, I HAVE received some great gifts - when I have a day and a non-coughing fashion assistant I have some serious shopping to do with vouchers and greenbacks; we now have a DVD/Video - I know, many of you in technologically advanced centres will go "que?" but given our recent bout of electrical implements having toe-curls, it is extremely welcome, expands our viewing repertoire by a factor of 2 (very handy with a sick child) AND the luxury of thinking "I will tape this" when the television stations stuff up my viewing behaviour by moving programs to 10.30 (the resting place of decent television) is better than shagpile; and my BIG present got delivered yesterday afternoon.

Now, I was going to give you a picture at this point - but the camera OR its batteries have decided to play dirty, so I will give you some clues.
  • it is no wonder they were playing dirty
  • V has a job ahead of him involving a shovel and a wheelbarrow
  • I won't mind it if people give me shit

I am hoping to give you a blow by blow photographic extravaganza on the project, we just have to cross fingers that the technology will work - or I could get Sicky 'Salina to draw it for us!


Jayne said...

They've either buried you in the compost heap or they've built you a vegie garden or made you a mud puddle all your very own :P

Anonymous said...

OOh, a new garden, I bet. How much fun!

To The Manor Boyle said...

Roses, maybe?? lol.