Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning...

If I was in any way concerned about how V and I would react to having a newborn in the house as an early morning alarm system, Eddie is putting my mind at rest.

For a start, if the squarking begins before sunrise I throw mean looks his way and try to get back to sleep. We all know how well THAT works for me.

V rolls over.

If Eddie's whines and insistences get overpowering, I will try to entice him within arms length to wring his neck pat him into submission.

V rolls over.

If the sun rises OR Eddie starts making threats (i.e. starts laying on the "do you really want me to go and wake up 'Salina because I can, you know" sort of miaows) I will get out of bed, generally muttering about cat stew or orange slippers, and take it to the kitchen with him.

V rolls over.

So I have no illusions. I am going to be a total cow come calving time and will have to perfect my dig in the ribs technique - either that, or get over my "protect my eldest" instinct (heck, she won't be an only then) and let the cat go wake her.

Hmmm, I think I have just found the perfect solution to the whole "where the heck will be put the bassinette" conundrum. Thanks for helping me sort that one.

In other news, our good friend Gastro has been for a visit.

We thought "psychosomatic" at first when 'Salina complained of a sore tummy (heck, day off mid-week, just finished a playdate, we are boring - all good reasons) however we figured it had to be a fairly deep-rooted aversion to school on Friday when she started - well, I will let you use your imagination on what she started, but it set a few "gee whizz, she might be sick" bells in our heads.

Two days later and she is still off her tucker with above unmentioned side effects - and it is now Saturday, so the whole skiving off school reasoning is out the window.

Anyway, off to the shops - alone. V gets to be chief nurse for a few hours - he got plenty of practice at that during the last round of lurgy so I know he can handle without too many meltdowns.

I don't think it wise, however, to go and spend time with my friends and their newborn in the hospital today.

The great unwashed - well, I am willing to take their chances that I won't be Gastro Mary for them.

That gorgeous little sweetheart I won't take such chances on.

Thank you all for the excitement and congratulations. We have a long way to go yet, and as my family will possibly mention, I tend to play the excitement cards pretty close to my chest - but beneath the poker-face, there is indeed joy (mingled with a great deal of "possible use of profanity it has taken me 10 years to get to what I have now and I am starting over again?" and an underlying fiscal quiver) - lots of awe and joy.

Oh - and Trace wondered why the tag was "parasitic alien life-forms"?

Well, I would show you, but Firefox is having a problem with pop-ups (which is really annoying) so I can't upload an image. And I could go use my arch-nemesis IE except then it would mean I would have to log in, and I can never remember my password so I have to generate another one and - well, the number of steps I would have to go through makes it unviable for this beautiful morning.


Jen at Semantically driven said...

I think having a little one when you did the little one thing about ten years ago will be quite hard but I'm sure you'll manage. You get up really early nearly every day anyway don't you?

Bad luck about the gastro. Perhaps you and Salina can take it in turns throwing up in the loo!

Debby said...

Goodness, poor 'Salina has had a time with it, first her coughing, now this. Eee.

Hey. What is the Aussie Dooce you and BB were talking about?

Melody said...

I have the same worries with 5 years inbetween, let alone 10. *heehee* The thing is, mine is due the day after Monet's b'day and the week after Little Miss starts school for the first time. It'll be quite a busy, hopefully not too stressful time for me.

Hope 'Salina is okay and you stay well too.

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

We have thirteen years in between and it isn't so bad.

Another pair of adept hands works well.

Salina will be your greatest blessing and asset (as she is already ;)

I hope she feels better soon.

PS Having a baby at 40 is the best way to feel younger and stay fit LOL.

BB said...

Poor Salina - hugs from the GG crew. Debby, when Jeanie was first pregnant with Salina, I took photos each month of the burgeoning belly. Kinda like Dooce does with her pregnancies (and unkinder person than I might suspect she pinched the idea from us!). Heh. The last pic she did on her blog was a cracker... worth a look.

Woman in a Window said...

herein lies the payoff to reading older posts that I've missed...holy're pregnant! (Not that you didn't notice before me or anything!) Wow. Congratulations!