Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Tidings

Do you know its a public holiday here today?

Apparently the logic is, if you give your local show a "People's Day" public holiday, you have to make sure it is in the middle of the week and not anywhere that could cause the public to think they have a long weekend.

This way, you are meant to be more inclined to go to the show.

'Salina is inclined to go to the show, but there are many wonderfully good reasons not to go. Risk of disease, risk of spreading disease and risk of not having a shirt on our back before we are even half-way through the experience.

The other bit problem I have with "People's Day" at the show is all the darned masses that go there. Not good with crowds AT ALL, and definitely not going to pay for the pleasure.

Bah, humbug.

Do you know its a public holiday here today?

This is a sort of crimp in my work life, as my clients don't have a public holiday today. Childcare options are available - for school holidays but NOT public holidays - and therefore 'Salina has the joy of spending "quality" time with me while V studies, and spending "quality" time with V while I work.

The good news is she gets to spend quality time with BOTH of us while we visit a local government office (who are working a half-day today, but still want all sorts of forms TODAY so more time with the great unwashed) - but the BONUS is we get to see my friend's new baby for a quick visit as a reward. 'Salina will be 10 feet away and instructed not to breathe.

Sounds like I am a grump today, doesn't it? But I am not. Not really.

The sun is shining, my immediate family is fairly healthy and we have many cinnamon rolls in the fridge and freezer.

I think I have it figured - I must like a grumble!!!

Finally, I pose a question for my next post (yes, I am even anticipating a next post - possibly tomorrow, definitely by the weekend)

"How good are YOU at keeping secrets?"


Alison said...

Very pleased to hear the cinnamon rolls are plentiful!!!

I don't keep secrets - they are yucky and make eggs like scrambled eggs. I am FANTASTIC at keeping things private though. :-)

Debby said...

Eh. Everybody grumbles at some point.

I'm not a secret keeping, however, I am a confidence keeper. If someone tells me something in confidence, I never tell.

Kari said...

So what exactly is "People's Day?" I'm quite confused by this public holiday vs. other holidays. It sounds more ick than fun.

Also, I think secrets are ick too. I grew up with secrets they cause trouble. I am also good at keeping something in confidence.

QuJaBaKa said...

I want cinnamon rolls now, although prefer the variety that haven't been breathed on!!

I'm terrible with secrets, can't remember who shouldn't know, usually tell people not to tell me anything but they still tell me anyway!!

BB said...

I am terrific with secrets... why do you ask!!!!

Leenie said...

Hey! It is still Wednesday here. No fair getting a head start on whatever holiday you are not celebrating.

Jen at Semantically driven said...

I am GREAT with secrets when I'm asked to be. Oh do tell!

Jayne said...

I'm great with secrets ;)
And we used to have Show Day as a public holiday (Thursday) in Melb when the Royal Melb show was on but our premier got rid of it when he created 4 school terms instead of 3.
Can't stand crowds either, haven't been to the show for 25 years now...and I'm not going to break the cycle ;)

Woman in a Window said...

The holiday on a Tuesday does seem a little cruel. Bet those cinnamon buns will help to work the grumble out!

Secrets? Pretty darned good at keeping them.

MissyBoo said...

Are you pregnant? I love a secret! And its always a good cause for a grumble, hormones and all!

Darn public holidays in the week, we actually do have a long weekend this weekend - Foundation Day :)

Anonymous said...

OOoh, I can keep a secret I can. It's the people that I tell it to that can't... ;)