Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nurse Jeanie and her bedside manners

Gee - did you know my kid was sick? You must not live within cooee of here if not, because there is NO VOLUME CONTROL.

Because of blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah (aren't you glad I didn't give you the 3000 word essay?) I dragged her back to the doctor's today to get the referral to get the swab to find out if indeed we have a highly contagious and supposedly immunised for disease.

The doctor thought "silly overbearing mother" when I rang to request (I have super hearing) but, you know, its something you want to find out - especially after consulting Dr Google. (the phrase "even though the 12 year old recovered, he had a recurring cough for 12 months" sort of makes me shudder).

So anyway, after harassing the doctor's I took her to the handy-dandy pathology office here in Paradise - only to find that this is a specialised thing and we had to head to Big Town. Because, you know, I had only planned to fill my morning with work.

Off we trotted to Big Town Pathology Office, and the lady told us to sit in the crowded waiting room with lots of the elderly and frail - I purloined a free mask from her counter because 'Salina likes dress-ups and I had the feeling, in the modern Slime-Flu (that was a typo, but I thought I would leave it in) era, that cute little girl doesn't look quite so cute to the elderly and frail when hacking up half a lung into the waiting room ether.

Whoever read the form second (because the girl at the front counter was sort of in stand-by mode) must have understood the jargon, because she grabbed us from the great unwashed lickety-split and let us wait out our time in a side-room.

There was much to entertain us there. On the wall was a 3D picture - do you remember them? I spent a good 10 minutes trying to teach 'Salina the technique that took me nearly the whole year to "get" when they were in vogue last century, and then I saw the picture was of a shark, mouth open, coming out of the water towards us. 'Salina loves sharks, but does anyone else think that a little strange for the wall of a Pathology Lab?

Anyhow, the other entertainment possibility was eavesdropping on the side-room to the other side of the corridor, where our pathology person was being instructed on what she had to do to get the swabs.

I won't go into details about how the swabs are obtained (because, in 'Salina's words, "a needle would have been much better, Mum") but let me just say that I hope to goodness never to be a mother on the sidelines to a child flinching with two pathology people aiming foreign objects into facial orifices again. I cried.

Anyway, back home again to try and fit in a half an hour of work before driving back in to Big Town for my other job.

The bad news is that V didn't get to leave work at half-time today to tag me in the 'Salina sitting.

The good news is he woke up sick so didn't go to work today.

Really, is it only Wednesday?


MissyBoo said...

I really hope Dr Google is wrong... though said immunisation for contagious coughing disease has been found to be ineffective by 10-12 years of age!

Mary O. Paddock said...

I hope she's better soon. It's no fun to have a sick kid and even less fun to have one with a potentially serious illness.

Melody said...

I *hate* Dr Google. Why do we do these things to ourselves?

ree said...

Has V been immunized for Whooping cough?

Poor thing. I hope you get some rest soon.

Anonymous said...

And that's good news that V woke up sick?!!

Poor 'Salina. Poor you. I hope it's not what you think and that she bounces back quickly.

Jayne said...

Fingers crossed it's not what you think it is!


Any news?

Woman in a Window said...

ohhh, there's not enough time or patience to maintain control over it all. Oh wait, control? What was I thinking?

Hope Salina's well. We had some alien sickness last week that lasted six to seven days. bad bad stuff.

Debby said...

Well? What's the verdict

Lightening said...

{{{HUGS}}} Hope all is well soon. When do get the results?

jeanie said...

Hey all - the update is no news - which we assume is good news.

Thanks for all the well wishes.