Thursday, May 21, 2009

'Salina Sleepwalks

dd has fairly vivid and full on dreams - we can listen in on occasion - but last night was a doozy!!

I had just made a cuppa and V was on his way to the bathroom when he came back and told me "come and check this out".

I went in and she was sitting on the side of her bed, gibbering away, gesturing around her and referring to something behind her - nothing intelligible.

As I went back to the lounge, she came out of her room and was hightailing it to the kitchen, so I went in pursuit.

She started opening the drawers, and I asked her what she was doing (through giggles I must admit).

"I have to get something" she said, as she rifled through the utensils drawer.

Unfortunately I was laughing too hard for her to get whatever it was, as I got a very dirty look and she sighed deeply and went back through the house to the toilet and then her bed.

She has absolutely no memory of it at all.

We are contemplating bells for her doorway.

Anyone else got sleepwalkers?


Debby said...

No sleepwalkers, but they sure sound like fine entertainment...

MissyBoo said...

No suggestions - except enjoy the entertainment value it provides :)

Anonymous said...

It seems to be a male trait in my
family. Husband, son and three grandsons all sleep walkers, sleep talkers and sleep eaters. My dh will stand in front of the fridge and eat anything including what he will not touch when awake. Sometimes we have the greatest arguements all while he is asleep. Yes it can be interesting and a great deal frustrating.


Jen at Semantically driven said...

When we were kids and were enroute to Tasmania on the boat my sister jumped out the top bunk and was trying to get out the door. She was fast asleep. Luckily mum woke up and stopped her. Goodness knows where she would have ended up.

Jay said...

My sister used to when she was little, but she stuck to a pretty favoured routine.

Jayne said...

Yes, go for the bells on 'Salina's door!

BB said...

Poor Salina... I'd suggest shutting the door at least to curtail potential for sleepwalking incidents/accidents.

Anonymous said...

I have a sleep walker to. Only once has he left the housem but it's scary and amusing at the same time, watching him.

Woman in a Window said...

I used to sleepwalk and sleeptalk and sleepwatchtv. Seriously. Just don't let her get out. I once got dressed and left a camp we were at and was walking toward the lake to go fishing. Um, sorry. That probably didn't help calm you at all, did it?

Go with the bells.

Mistress B said...

Not sleep walkers, but I have had whole conversations with all my kids and hubby in their sleep.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you BB. Great in principle,difficult to implement. V

To The Manor Boyle said...

Hi Jeanie,

a little late to comment..(sorry) However as a child I to would sleep walk. My mother read in ye old faithful Woman's Weekly to leave a light on.

This is two fold 1. if the sleep walker is up then there is light and 2. for reasons unknown to me the light stops sleep walking.

So since 1981 my parents pantry light has remained on all night and my sleep walking discontinued. That worked for us however a little night light would do the job.

Good luck!