Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Back and Crumbling

Hey there - had a great holiday, wonderful week, back to real life transition initialised.

My bloglines advised me I missed 1800 posts while away - I don't think I will get around to them all. A lot of them I probably wouldn't have anyway, but if you had a great post in the last week that I should read, please let me know!

I had a little tussel with my mate insomnia at 3 this morning, and contemplated a post at that point - but decided to do the dishes instead.

Yes, I should could have done the dishes last night, but hey, other things got higher priority.

Then I did an amazing to do list - and then decided to curl up next to my honey for another 1/2 an hour - and slept soundly for 2!

The list is being ploughed through, although not with as much alacrity as I had at 4am!

As a result, am both fairly wiped at the moment to recount every detail - will probably give you a photo essay later on - and daunted by the monumental tasks I have to complete today, tomorrow and over the rest of the holidays!!

Instead, will give you (and my family) the recipe I promised long ago.

Jeanie's Marvellous Muesli Bars

2 cups rolled oats
2/3 cup chopped dates
2/3 cup chopped dried apricots
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
1/2 cup choc chips
1 cup self-raising flour
1/2 cup raw sugar
1 cup coconut
300g butter
2 tbsp golden syrup or honey

Mix all dry ingredients. Melt butter, mix in syrup or honey and then mix with dry ingredients.

Put into a lined slice tin and bake in moderate oven for 1/2 hour.

Cut while warm but allow to cook before separating.

Edited to add:

Having only half the flour and none of the coconut will result in very gooey bars - but yummy nonetheless (from experience at my sisters place)

Failing to put in the sugar results in very crumbly bars - but still yummy nonetheless (from yesterday's experience)

Secondgoround: I would probably up another dry goods quantity and experiment a bit if you didn't want the coconut - but you can hardly feel the coconut! However, the oven is a necessity.

Tracey: It is so easy, you can get little middle children (apologies 'Salina) to make these for you with minimal supervision. It is probably even easy enough for certain teenagers to contemplate...

Liv: My family don't have "holidays" - my father is someone who actually doesn't know how to relax - its either working or sleeping - and it rubs off on everyone to a degree on the property. But it is still fun. And also wonderful to be in my own home again!


Liv said...

Ugh, I'm just jealous that you got an Australian holiday. :) Who wouldn't love that?

Anonymous said...

Mmm your recipe had me until coconut. Ick ;). Oh, and the whole using the oven bit. People really use those?? Glad your trip went well, can't wait to see the photo essay!

Tracey said...

ooh yeah, muesli bars just in time for our bike ride.

Hey, I missed you jeanie! Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

In reply to your comment, no you aren't silly. Most of my friends "the physical variety" have learnt not to ask me for a recipe because of my slap it together and hope like hell attitude in the kitchen!
Anyway, am also looking forward to seeing photos of holiday.

Melody said...

Oooo those meusli bars sound delicious!!!! I think I'll copy out the recipe....

....thanks for that!

Glad you had a good holiday away! I'm sure the weather was kind to you.

Maude Lynn said...

Welcome back! Shall have to try the muesli bars.