Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Early Bird

Ahh - yes, one of those mornings when I was in the middle of an interesting dream (I believe) and was awoken pre-dawn.

Immediately, like an old Southern Cross windmill, my mind went into action, pumping the chores and activities that I would like to undertake over the next few days.

My first thought was "cat has fleas" as his incessant scratching was what first stirred me. Tomorrow's to-do list immediately formed, as the weekly budget comes down today, flea powder and bombs can be bought, we will all be away from the house for bombing (oh, the joys of tuckshop day), yet I will return by the afternoon for cleaning every surface, vacuuming all beds and floors. I will also be able to zip home intermittently to move the washing every ounce of bedding along.

With that preliminary workout, I then turned to matters today. As tomorrow is Boardies Day for Surf Life Savers fundraising - and as 'Salina has a peculiarity about her waist sensitivity that I blame on her father - I have need to dust of the sewing machine. The material we have chosen from a stockpile I had - and as I am making one pair, I might as well make 6 (include all the cousins - I have enough material), a dress for myself (different material), picnic rugs for the extended families for Christmas presents and maybe do my mending.

Then I got out of bed - it was 4.30am - the good news is that I have already ticked off 5 things on my list - the bad news is that it is now 2 1/2 hours later, I have just read the above and the rest of my list and I suddenly feel very, very tired!!!

Quick housekeeping from the last few posts.
  • There was a good explanation why my friend had not yet been told. There still is no good reason that our other friend died as she did.
  • I have nearly nailed down the childcare fix for me to do my training, get my girlie weekend and ensure 'Salina has a good time WITHOUT too much extra driving!
  • We are at the end of PMS - yay!!
  • My friend managed to have one of her paintings sold, so at least one benefactor found the show


Jen at Semantically driven said...

Jeanie, I'm sorry your friend died and I'm sorry you were the one who inadvertently broke the news to the mutual friend. It's not an easy thing to do.

I'll be glad when daylight savings comes along so I can wake up at a later hour than 5am. It's not doing me any good at all waking up this early. Unlike you, however, I don't get up and do stuff. I lie in bed and read, or try to go back to sleep.

Tracey said...

[second go at posting a comment! - tried earlier today on your other post, and Blogger was offline and I lost it!]

So sorry about your friend. I think your feelings are pretty normal, but also the fact that, along the way, you don't keep up with everyone is pretty normal as well. As we get older, it's damn near impossible to keep in touch regularly with everyone whose lives we touch, and whose lives touch ours. [That's why I've succumbed, despite the many criticisms that you read, to the community letter/email at Christmas.]

What time do you get to bed girl? I struggle to maintain one 5 am wake up in a week, and when more creep in (due to husband getting up to go bike riding - or waking up at 5 and deciding not to go bike riding because of the weather - I am shattered by mid-afternoon! I think you achieve a hell of a lot given this sort of insomnia you seem to be suffering! [More exercise might help?]

Feel exhausted just reading the first item on your list. Can't believe how much you're aiming to achieve in one day!