Friday, October 19, 2007

Spin Queening

Gee whiz, it sounds like I have a lot to do in my life, doesn't it? That is because I am the Queen of Spin.

The secret to that, my friends, is I write my blog early and tell you of my intentions.

Today, due to the nature of Fridays, instead you get to see my results.

Take yesterday's to-do list, shall we?

As tomorrow is Boardies Day for Surf Life Savers fundraising - and as 'Salina has a peculiarity about her waist sensitivity that I blame on her father - I have need to dust of the sewing machine. The material we have chosen from a stockpile I had - and as I am making one pair, I might as well make 6 (include all the cousins - I have enough material), a dress for myself (different material), picnic rugs for the extended families for Christmas presents and maybe do my mending.

Well, I did cut out the three size patterns I would need in regard to shorts. I also cut out the pieces for the six pairs of shorts, the smallest three using the old "rough gauge" to alter for size. I did the fancy-schmancy stuff for the pockets and I sewed up the sides, I pinned the crotches - and then I ran out of steam.

In came 'Salina from school - and the ones her size (the largest as she is the oldest cousin) didn't fit. So I again used the old "rough gauge" to alter for size and made one complete pair of boardies. The rest are in the very large "to finish" pile...

Oh, and today?

Tomorrow's to-do list immediately formed, as the weekly budget comes down today, flea powder and bombs can be bought, we will all be away from the house for bombing (oh, the joys of tuckshop day), yet I will return by the afternoon for cleaning every surface, vacuuming all beds and floors. I will also be able to zip home intermittently to move the washing every ounce of bedding along.

Shall we all laugh together? Best way to kybosh that little plan? Forget to buy the darned flea stuff.

Today was tuckshop day, which was joyous as usual - and that was about it. Well, that and spent an hour discussing all aspects of feeding times at the zoo with a friend (accompanied by some very good humour). Had a nap while 'Salina had afternoon tea. Nearly got the washing up done - and I have picked some parsley for tabboulleh.

We are going out to tea tonight (yay us - we never go out) and are going away to my family's for the weekend, so will be taking the weekly parsley crop out in the form of a salad offering.

And to end this exciting round up - I warned V and 'Salina to take their hands out of the way and to stop pulling faces else I would post a photo on my blog.

Oh, and V just thanked me for making him the happiest man in the world - another tick off the to do list - it was said before I posted this, however.

(All images of V belong to him. So I s'pose I am in trouble now.)


Melody said...

Ahh, the power of the blog!!!! (Great photo!)

Jen at Semantically driven said...

Jeanie, a woman of her word. Great faces!

Tracey said...

Ah, love it. Forgetting to buy the main thing you went out to buy! I'm glad other people do that sort of thing.

As for V and S: "Be good or Jeanie will blog you!"

Brissiemum2 said...

Oh I love that pic.....what a great shot and obviously they were having lots of fun! :)

Mad goat lady said...

LOL well you did warn them!