Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wishy Washy

Gee, its been a while, hasn't it?

I have been meaning to get back here, tell you all about the little inspirations of my life - but you know, life, computers, work, family and washing machines are conspiring to stop me and my blog from connecting anywhere but in my imagination.

Life update - going on at a rapid rate - everything still wonderful, just more busier...

Computer update -
  • I have good anti-v!rus stuff on board now - excellent.
  • It found 80 threats in the first 12 minutes of scanning my machine - not so wonderful.
  • It has resulted in my computer g-o-i-n-g very slowly - especially surfing - during the moments when I wish for speed - hmph.
  • It gives me a lovely breakdown of who is using my wireless network every 10 minutes - great.
  • This results (my own router and V's computer) in interrupting whatever I was doing every 10 minutes - huh?
Work update - actually have a few irons in the fire and set to design a few more irons at the moment - some of the moula firmly stashed in the bank and I am thinking of ways to spend it - it seems that the computer black hole may take a fair whack...

Family update - I have had the pleasure of hosting every member of my immediate family in the last 5 days! Unfortunately, one of those visits was due to 4yo Rockgirl having a nasty accident involving boys, a barbeque, a door and her little finger... The good news is she didn't lose it - the confusing part is the medical dramas to get to that point. I have since heard that my uncle cut off the top of his finger the next morning with a chainsaw and my BIL split his face open with a branch yesterday - so that is the 3 thanks fate.

Ah yes, the washing machine update. Where were we at with this little drama?

Quick recap for those who haven't yet and don't really want to read the backstory (because they know I have a verbose habit):
  • July 2005 - Bought an Electrolux Eco-valve front-loader. Small drama with delivery, but happy and very impressed with outcome.
  • December 2006 - had a few problems. Used 25yo Simspon washer until fixit guy fixed it.
  • December 2006 - 25yo Simspon washer had a few problems. Fixit guy fixed it and front-loader. Front-loader back in action, 25yo Simpson becomes useable spare with drip-dry issues.
  • April 2007 - had a few more front-loader problems - Used 25yo Simspon washer until I could find some paperwork.
  • June 2007 - Front-loader fixed under warranty. 25yo Simpson washer back in reserve.
  • 9 September 2007 - Front-loader had a few more problems. 25yo Simpson washer back in action. I write a snarky email to Electrolux.
  • 10 September 2007 - Electrolux reply, but not with the answer or concern I was looking for.
  • 10 September 2007 - Rang and was assured front-loader would be fixed under warranty - they would call me.
  • 11 September 2007 - was called and advised they didn't ever manufacture my washing machine as could find no parts. After my assurance they would keep looking and call me when the part came in.
  • 12 September 2007 - was called and advised they didn't ever manufacture my washing machine as could find no parts. After my assurance they would keep looking and call me when the part came in.
  • 24 September 2007 - Rang and found guy who assured me front-loader would be fixed under warranty had retired - they would call me back when they knew more.
  • 2 - 12 October 2007 - Rang every other day and found no-one ever knew what I was talking about - even if I had spoken to them two days prior - they assured me they would call me back when they knew more every time. They never did.
  • 16 October 2007 - Rang and found no-one knew what I was talking about - they would send the technician on Thursday.
  • 19 October 2007 - Technician came and I was assured they would find out about the warranty status and how much/when it could be fixed - he would call me back on Friday when he knew more.
  • 26 October 2007 - a load (containing a school bag with remains of week old banana mashed into the seams) managed to dislodge the pin advising the 25yo Simpson that the lid was closed.
  • 26 October 2007 - Rang and and found no-one knew what I was talking about - but it was the manager who answered the call, so he went to check my card. He was gone a VERY LONG TIME. He returned 10 minutes later and assured me it would be fixed under warranty. They will call me when the part is in on Tuesday (which would be TODAY).
  • 22 October 2007 - the amazing V, with the assistance of a screwdriver, several cups of coffee and some creativity has fixed the 25yo Simpson... Of course, the lid is no longer connected and wires held together with a clamp protrude from the back - but it goes nicely with the drip dry problem and the hot water adjustments required to get a good wash happening, so all in all - he got well rewarded for his efforts (even got some clean clothes).

30 October 2007 - I am taking money on the odds they will not call back. I am trying hard not to show cynicism - but I have to face at least 5 loads today, which will involve 15 interactions with the Simpson and am not believing in fairy tales...

I have a partner who works in construction therefore tends to get a little dirty laundry, a daughter an active nearly 8yo girl therefore tends to get a lot of semi-dirty laundry, every family member visiting therefore acres of sheets to wash regularly and me getting fatter, therefore limited wardrobe choices and more reliant on clean laundry...

Inspirations that did not make it to this blog: - 'Salina's current nightmares; Wednesday night television; thank you notes; V (the bits I am allowed to blog); construction; Rockgirl's medical drama and the conundrums of modern medicine in a rural setting; environmental impacts and 'Salina; and Eddie, the wonder cat and our food fights.

Sorry I have not been by to visit many of you of late - I will once the computer and I are talking more civilly.

It has taken about 2 hours to do this 1/2 hour job this morning, so its more swearing than gentility we are using at present.


Julie Pippert said...

I feel for you with your laundry dilemmas. I lost my noodle over a Whirlpool Front Loader aka Piece of Crap.

Glad the finger is okay, wow.

Using My Words

Tracey said...

I did miss you, you know, Jeanie, though with all the happenings it's a wonder you found time to blog today.
Bless you for commenting on my latest blog post. You made my day!

Tracey said...

PS. Did you see you made the top 50 Aussie blogs?!!!


Just-Me-Jen said...

Wow, customer service has gone to you know where in a handbasket...
Guess once you buy something, you're pretty much on your own with it these days. They're probably stalling to let the warranty run out. Good Luck with the machine.
Glad your antivirus is working well - not sure about that every-ten-minute notice thing, though. That's got to be annoying...
Have a great week! :-)

Anonymous said...

Missed you too, although possibly because I have been terrible at keeping up with my bloglines. The washing machine saga sounds like something I went through with a car a while ago, sadly I ended up taking it to a wreckers yard in the middle of the night and dumping it, hope your washing machine doesn't end up with the same fate!
Here have a hug as a pick you up!

Anonymous said...

I have discovered I can get to you using firefox much better than internet explorer. Now I can keep up to date

...I'll figure out how to sign in here with my blog at some point


jeanie said...

Thanks Trace for the Top 50 information. I didn't realise, although a few readers found there way over here from there according to my Statcounter.

Ha ha - just off the phone to the Electrolux Service people in this area (yes, I called them) and apparently the wholesaler must not have the part in stock as they haven't received anything... They will call me (anyone else feel like laughing hysterically?)

Trace - how is your new washer going?

Julie - sad to know that it extends across the industry, not just one company.

Jen - I think it is a badge of honour in the small town near where I live to throw the customer service ethic out the window. I used to think it was a reaction to me, but others have confirmed it.

Kate - sorry about your car, but a mental picture of you sneaking away from your dumped auto in the middle of the night gave me a smile. Thanks for the hug.

Life. Complicated. said...

Sorry to hear about the washer but I am glad to read the update. I did learn (wink) how to link to you...