Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Can you hear that?

.. that is the sound of NO Harry Potter DVD's being watched, no 'Salina's cries of "the scary bit is nearly here, you can come in now", no incantations being yelled as you are unexpectedly ambushed by wand-waving children.

.. that is the absense of the "I'm bored" riff that can permeate the holidays. The pleas for the activities manager to get her act together and make life more fun and joyous. I mean, why ask the woman whose aim in life is to make you eat your vegatables, do you homework, set the table and learn to entertain yourself for ideas for fun? Holidays seem to make for slight amnesia in 'Salina in regards to this aspect.

.. that is the satisfied groan of a woman who, looking at the holiday tasks list, can sit (painfully) on her laurels and see only one item unticked. Of course, I did them all in one day after visitors had left, and there are various muscle groups still sitting around bitching about my herculean efforts. (My attempts to include such chores as "entertainment opportunities" were lost on minors)

.. that is grown up music playing without regard for language warnings.

.. that is the howl of the Northerly rattling the flyscreen against the shutters reminding me that 'Salina forgot to take a jacket to school and October always lulls you into a false sense of Summer.

.. that is my little voice telling me that it is NOW time to get SERIOUS about several work committments and stop blogging.

.. that is my other little voice telling me I can read blogs all day if I could just bludgeon that other voice into submission.

Its going to be a long first day of school here. What are the sounds of your world?


Jen at Semantically driven said...

October is lulling me into a false sense of summer. It's a bit cool here this week. As for sounds arounnd my way? Back to work for me after a week off, so back to the yelling for JJ to hurry up and get ready in the morning.

Maude Lynn said...

I'm impatiently waiting for a little Fall weather here. As for sounds, blessed silence (for what I'm sure will be a brief moment).