Wednesday, October 31, 2007

LERF? I nearly cried

Well, its only 28 here, but in this little hotbox I call my office (other people may call it the closed off bit of verandah attached to my bedroom) it is stinking hot - especially trying to work out money matters by the end of the month!

So, who put money on the Local Electrolux Repair Firm (to save typing, referred to hence as LERF) fellas actually getting back to me yesterday? Anyone? Nah, odds are definitely stacked against them on that one.

Todays update is I rang LERF (again - that would be the 13th time since the latest breakdown from my end) and spoke to Gail (again - I have had the pleasure on about 5 of those occasions) who had no idea who I am (again - I have offered to make them a dartboard with my name as the bullseye).

She is very good at the local brand of customer service.

Sorry, Pshe is berry goob ad vae locl bwanb of cushomer serbice (thats how you say it with your tongue in your cheek).

Before I began my breezy self-introduction she cut me short and wanted to know my address. Why? Because there are so many LERF customers in this town with the same name, apparently it is easier to file your cards by street address. Hmmm.

I explained the latest development of the saga, and she told me that no-one by the name I mentioned worked at LERF. (I wonder do any of them?) I said "perhaps someone with a similar name?" and then listed the many similar names to that particular handle. Ah, yes, someone did actually call that spot their workplace with one of those names...

(I have a problem with Gail - she is also the one who advised me that Rosscoe had retired and expected me to roll over and play dead).

She finally found my card and informed me that the part was not in. When I enquired what day would be a good day for me to continue the LERF brand of self-abuse, she ASSURED ME they would call when it came in. (Doubles or nothing, anyone?)

She then said that the wholesalers must not have any in stock for them not to have received it, so I should expect it on Thursday - which defies logic.

Why? Because I figure that LERF may well be passing the pain down, and that their wholesalers may have taught them the "cushomer serbice" that I have come to expect.

Silver lining on the experience is the blogging - you gotta admit, if it wasn't for blogging, this carp would be unbearable...

To the person who found my blog by googling "Electrolux Ecovalve" - great while it works, get to know your LERF and develop a positive relationship before you have to get up close and personal. Apparently you should budget on a two year turnover - which unfortunately is the rule of thumb with whitegoods in this day and age.

Other googlers:
  • "killer tummy ache" - I am sorry, but I am glad you found one of my whinges rather than one of my recipes.
  • So many people are looking for variations on "hole in the bucket" its astounding. I wonder how upset you were when you found a moan about the washing machine?
  • "Is cat eat corned beef safe" - I would say yes, make sure there was plenty of water available.
  • Many, many, many people wish to fold fitted sheets - and do you know how much it empowers me that I have provided this service to the hordes? If you wish for an even easier method, one of the commenters has invented something or other and wants to sell it to you - if anyone buys it, let me know (cause I know how to fold fitted sheets!)

Of course, some purverts (yes, I know its spelled wrong, but I don't want them to google me on it) looked for a lot of things they are unlikely to find on this blog - although if you are still looking for boob, you still have a chance to help save them, as I have internet friends doing all sorts of fundraising for Breast Cancer in the next few weeks - drop me a comment and I can connect you!


Tee/Tracy said...

Ah, customer service is excellent round the world then :D

Love your tongue in cheek speak! LOL

Tracey said...

Maybe you could threaten to blog them...
Maybe we should start a blog about crap customer service!! I'm sure we all have a few little sagas. I did have a minor version of yours when I was once ringing for prices on a cargo barrier for our car. Two guys called Bob, one had left. Then he hadn't. Etc.

Last post comments you asked about my new washing machine. So far so good, but as you said, nowhere near the 2 year mark. Day after the warranty has expired the machine probably will, and I will curse the Other Half for deciding against the extended warranty.

I blacklisted Electrolux when I looked for machines, and you've anecdotally confirmed the front loader repair issues I was warned about. Mind you, the one I bought is the new turbo drum sort, so probably not immune to problems.


Cathy, Amy and Kristina said...

I remember the fitted-sheet tutorial -- loved it!

Anonymous said...

hmmm must make time to read fitted sheet tutorial!
Has anyone worked out the expiry date on children warranties? I think both of mine may have expired.
After much reading of washing machine saga am quite relieved that I went with a rent to own simpson, yes I nearly did go with an electrolux!