Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"On your report card I would give you an F"

out of the mouth of 'Salina.

Here is the back story.

I try to bake something every weekend for lunchboxes - it means I know the true calibre of the crap my family eats and receive the trade-off of absolute devotion - it works for me.

Anyhow, the true measure of my success is the longevity - or lack - of the snacks during the week.

Due to years of scientific research, I have learned to double my quantities.

I did try making smaller everything, but it didn't really work - my lab rats caught on to me!!

I tend to rotate the favourites, occasionally throw a new recipe into the mix...

Last Friday, we taped 'Salina's second favourite show for her -
Better Homes and Gardens".

(1st favourite is "Merlin", 3rd favourite is "The Zoo" and we are pleased to say that after an abstinence of 2 years, finally "The Simpsons" is out of medal contention!!)

During the replay on Saturday, they showed everything from Chelsea, including making Chelsea Buns.

If I have a bone to pick with BHG is they didn't have the recipe on their website, darn it, and our appetite had been whet.

And then I remembered...

Some of you who visit here also know a relative of mine who posted a cooking experiment we did together recently - so I dutifully went to Pioneer Woman's site, grabbed the Cinnamon Rolls recipe and started concocting.

We hit our first hurdle early.

Due to my beautiful part-time temp job being cut short (darned woman I was filling in for felt better enough to not want to sit on half-pay any more) I had done the sort of grocery grab that shouts "necessities only" rather than the more indulgent "restock the pantry" variety, and therefore the 92c I had saved on homebrand plain flower came to haunt me. And the recipe calls for flour. Lots of it - I had about 1/2 of the lots available.

If that was the worst the cooking gods could send me, I decided to snicker at the gods - because I knew just how darned many cinnamon rolls the recipe made, and our family could get by on 1/2 this week, surely?

The add a heap of sultanas to the sprinkle level was inspired (I thank the gods for that one - it was my nod to fruit in your diet when trying to appease the inner health nut).

The results - well, except for the "I must save on washing up" therefore use only one - very tightly packed - tray was not a good call when combined with our crappy better-than-completely-non-working hot-at-the-back, no-choice-but-fan-forced guess-your-best temperature oven - they worked fairly well (and a 15 minute rebake of the uncooked centre ones worked).

They worked so well, in fact, that yesterday was Tuesday, and the last of the rolls was sitting rather lonely in the cake tin - its not there any more.

My parents are going to be in town today, and may drop by for some afternoon tea.

A lobby group has been set up.

"I am sure Nana and Grandpa would LOVE some cinnamon rolls, Mum"

"You know, you do make the BEST ONES and they should try it"

"Most of your meals are CAPITAL C choice. Dinner was CAPITAL C H choice. Your cinnamon rolls are CAPITAL C H O."

"Mum, if I was giving you a report card on your cinnamon rolls, I would give you an F - for FAN-TASTIC".

No photos - use your imagination (and then scrunch the kitchen into a space slightly smaller than cat-swinging dimensions, day-glo yellow your imaginary theme).

Guess what I am doing today?


Debby said...

Hopefully not swinging Eddie about the kitchen...why don't you just try baking some cinnamon rolls, maybe. And if you see your mother, give her a hug from me.

BB said...

Here's an idea - use a couple of the pics from my place... I'll email em to you!!!! Gotta be some payoff for being the hand model (etc) at GG.


Alison said...

OMG I LOVE 'Salina's "Capital C H .." etc. That is SO kewl!!! (And I am so old - I had not heard it before!)
Rolls sound yummy, and very successful by weekly disappearance day standards. I hope the second batch goes just as successfully!!!

Sarah Lulu said...

Sounds to me like you deserved a gold star as well!

Anonymous said...

Now there's something I have not made for ages... hmm... I have a recipe for cinnamon buns that uses sour cream. It's really yummy and everyone scoffs them down so fast. I know that's a good thing - but like you, you find yourself having to do it all over again.

The worst bit is the washing up. I hate washing up!

Jayne said...

So you're saying I should ditch the Cherry Sweetie Cakes I'd planned to make and go the Cinnamon Rolls route?
Yes, I can feel you twisting my arm, Jeanie

WV = pings.
Is that a present tense 'pang' for baking?

Ree said...

Shall I send you my address? Do they travel well? ;-)

Maude Lynn said...

Now, I want cinnamon rolls!


Interesting how praise sends us right back to the kitchen. *smile*

MissyBoo said...

Mmmm yummo! As my daughter would say.

I promised two little girls I'd cook with them today, I suggested cinnamon rolls but they are both intent on fairy cakes with pink icing and glitter sprinkles!