Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Digging a hole

Man, I am in a whingy mood this morning, so shall not blather too much here. Save it all for my loved ones... Something to do with the moon or the stars, no doubt. Happens every 4th Tuesday - know what I mean?

For the last few weeks, we have had workmen up and down our street digging holes and ditches and laying pipes - so while on some days there is still relative silence in paradise, on many days there is clanking and roaring and beeping and swearing going on.

I hope it is coming to an end sometime soon - working on a computer on the sort of stuff that I do (when I work) requires a sort of intensity that doesn't work well with that sort of background grinding away at you.

Yesterday it was constant, but there was one very funny moment. As I waved 'Salina off on the bus I so desparately wished I had a camera. Directly across the road from our house is some sort of pipe juncture - I think - at least, there is a gaping hole surrounded by orange mesh that occasionally gets filled by dirt and machinery and then emptied again.

Yesterday, Monday morning - there was the man on the digger thingy and EIGHT men standing around the hole looking in. By the time I could have grabbed the camera another vehicle with three more men pulled up to look at the hole - but then some of them were facing me so I didn't have the guts to take the shot.

Last night, a walker hailed us from the street at about 8 to advise us that something had burst and there was water flowing from where they had been working - so from 9 until at least 10.30 last night there were some more men digging and doing mysterious things to pipes and water out there - at least they weren't using the machinery!!

As a friend of mine said this morning, some days you want to yell "Bring back the leafblowers!!!"

(To see my view of leafblowers, click here)

(oh, and Trace - my Thai Beef Salad recipe is hidden here)

I am hoping to get into a better mood. Any suggestions?