Wednesday, May 23, 2007

In which Ms Jeanie begins FINISHES a task

Remember this?

Yesterday I promised that it would be attacked. Well, yesterday I promised a lot of things - but the biggest promise I am afraid I had to carry out was sorting out a little programming issue, and so the tweaking and testing sort of ate up all other promises and spat them to the side.

So yes, today - invoice, users guides and - SHUDDER - the corner...

Add also a little study, a little washing and a little preparing for my parents to visit tomorrow night - and we count ourselves thankful for the usage of After School Care once a week.

So - invoice being sent with promise of user guides on payment - much easier to beg for money with leverage - tick.

Washing - sorted, first load on and about to be checked - tick.

Preparation of the spare bedroom, studying? - yeah, yeah, we will get to that...

But the big news of the day is:

Pretty impressive, huh?

Ahh - what is that you say? Look behind you? Why?

I need coffee...

Okay - several coffees, teas and hours later, how well did I do?

Even got a thumbs up from the Edster!

I know I will never be entering Ms Organised, but my clutter is best piled or filed

(and yes, that is a Christmas present awaiting delivery)

but hey, always after the eclectic look!!!

Hmm - only hope our boys are as tidy and successful in showing the Southerners tonight, eh?


Tracey said...

LOL!! Well, you've got to start somewhere! That's the first step, is it not. Do you need to sleep in that bed?

jeanie said...

Yes indeed - however, you will note that I have only covered my half of the bed so maybe I can beg V to share his half if I fall at that hurdle!

Jen at Semantically driven said...

I was gonna say the exact same thing as Tracey.

Anonymous said...

that is truly inspiring - i'm off to the oxfam shop NOW

Brissiemum2 said...

Rofl! Oh I can so relate! I am looking at one of those corners as I type! It's the 'corner of crap' in my work space. I actually have worked out that if I ignore it long enough then I can pretend that it doesn't exist....until dh decides to have a big na-na over it and then I decide that avoiding dh is better than attacking said crap corner! *sigh*

Maybe your clean up will inspire me to do the same...ummmm...maybe! ;)

Scribbit said...

very impressive! It's got to feel good to get things tidied. It helps me I know--