Sunday, May 20, 2007

Why why why why why?

Why is it that there was no "comments" section on the last post?

Why is it that I automatically assumed that no-one loved me when no-one commented rather than check all items were in place?

Why is it that I still assume that no-one loves me when they can't wade through my mega-long posts and still have the energy to comment?
(Actually, the answer to that one may be the indeterminate length of pre-menstrual attribute or just low self-esteem)

Why is it that you can add another child to the single child mix and they can play happily for hours without needing you, and yet that can be more tiring to the adult (even when the load was time-shared by the other mother)?

Why does every copy of Narnia stop in the middle of the battle? This is our second copy and again it has begun jumping.

Why do movies have loud music and soft conversation?

Why am I sitting here typing all of this codswallop rather than sipping a hot drink with my V before slipping in to bed for some slumber?


Tracey said...

So it's not just me who checks for comments first thing upon firing up the computer.. thus setting the mood for the day as to how 'loved' I feel?!

Consider yourself loved! Because your blog is one I check every day, and I'm disappointed if there is no post! Sometimes I think I am a comment whore...people must get sick of me chipping in everywhere. And sometimes I think 'I'll come back to that post because it warrants a thoughtful and considered comment' .. and then I don't get back there!

How weird that there is still no comment option on your previous post. That is you pictured wearing the shirt isn't it?

Brissiemum2 said...

Yep. I love checking for comments, too. It took me a while to work out why my posts weren't including comments either.

And I did want to write this to your post below but given that there wasn't any place to put it is anyway:



Michelle said...

Hands up another comments lover (I even check during my lunch break at work!) Probably says something about us all, but I prefer not to think about it...