Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mish Mash

Now, as you may know I aspire to do a well organised blog with a lot of quality information given out with wit, integrity and well constructed visual aids.

Unfortunately, my aspirations often expire between gathering in the mists of my mind and sitting here and typing - and there have been so many gatherings and so little sittings of late.

I will do a breast cancer post - maybe later this week.

I also have many theories of massive quantities of alcohol consumed and the wild west tincture of the local "big smoke" - may have to save it also.

I have been super volunteer woman these last two weeks - only 2 more kids to patiently walk through the mugs for mums thing. Also tuckshopped and guiding stuff - but all that will be on hold as I finally have the green light to do a quick project over the next couple of weeks that may actually pay!

The trip over to the familial stomping ground went off quite well - well, despite the late arrival due to a slipping horse float on a gravel incline ahead of us at one point which meant we got to look at the blood red full moon and discuss football with the cowboy who was stuck for a while.

I will have more time and info to post soon, I am sure - not even getting to read the blogs I love these last few days...


Jay said...

goodness, it's always fun to have a post that brings us all up to speed, but you really have been up to a lot, haven't you?

Tracey said...

So long as you know you've been missed in the cyber world while you've been busy out there in the real one!