Thursday, May 10, 2007

Skates are on

Quick fly-by post.

I have (or should I say, 'Salina has) a case of Girl Guide biscuits to offload - if we actually sell any, it will save us from eating them all - can I put you down for a box or two? ($2.50 but you gotta come and collect because I can assure you, GG gets our voluntary contributions already)...

As well as that, I was the dufus who suggested the theme day be Japan for one of the Guides meetings (honestly, I was throwing words out there for the little sweeties to get the idea of throwing ideas around, I swear) so I am the dufus who has to work out what craft/cooking/learning bits the group can do next Tuesday.

The Mugs for Mums project looks to be complete, so this is good. As I am not Tuck Shop Lady tomorrow, it means in theory I do not have to be at the school either today or tomorrow. Already broken that with taking someone to school who missed the bus this morning.

I have some freelance work on at the moment. I put the quote in 1 month ago, got the go ahead 2 days ago and they want it as soon as possible. Mathematically, even if I were not being a mother, cementing my relationship with V or sleeping I could not get the workload through by when they desparately need it - it seems that a phrase like "10 working days required" is merely an invisible addendum... Must not complain - it is work (I need work), it is money (theoretically - that is what I asked for when I quoted and that is what I anticipate when I finish the job) (I need money) and it keeps me off the streets.

I have not forgotten that I will one day also do a blog for my Arizonian (Arizonette? Arizon?) online friend and her amazing fundraising efforts for Breast Cancer Research.

(I also have not forgotten that I still have a Flat Stanley project to finish for another American online friend - sorry!)

Scribbett is doing another Write-Away competition due next week on Vacations - I intend to do one if I get a chance before cut off.

But hey - taking frozen spag sauce out for dinner tonight, the floors only need a good bake and could probably be delivered in a box, we got some rain today - which will rinse the clothes on the line and vindicate me not hanging the rest - and now I am back to earning money...


Jen at Semantically driven said...

Sure I'll have some biccies. I need a holiday in Queensland or wherever you live. Can you supply accommodation too?

jeanie said...

No problems Jaycee - by the time you get up here the spare room will no doubt be cleared enough for visitors again!

Tracey said...

Now you're making me feel exhausted just reading about everything!

I would buy your biscuits, only I have just almost singlehandedly consumed a box of Cadbury fundraising chocolates that my eldest had for netball! Enough naughty kilojoules for a while!

Jay said...

What a busy girl you are. Here's hoping the day somehow get longer!