Saturday, May 19, 2007


There are many mysteries that keep me awake at 3.37am this morning...

Like - what was the real purpose behind the shop that had exactly enough car parks for customers and workers that I kept going to in my dream when I was awoken by a tap on the door by my daughter?

Like - why is it that the people who want complicated and fancy computer programs yesterday cannot get their urgency to translate to the person who has to provide 8 barcodes but prefers to use me as a conduit?

Like - why, when I promise to do something tomorrow life bounds up and says "not on my watch, missy!"

So - why haven't you seen the answer to this mystery yet?

I suppose I was not to know that the tomorrow in question when I posted that would be filled so well with the housework that I had put off until a rainy day or until visitors came. I knew I was getting visitors, just had not known the magnitude of the decrepitness of my house until I started to scratch the surface...

But that is a fairly crap excuse - and 3 days ago. Oh, and I did actually get a blog out of my system, just not the one that I had promised...

And the tomorrow after that tomorrow (which was yesterday's yesterday) was spent running hither, thither and yon - hoops for Centrelink to make me jump through to receive no money (no, I don't know why I have to keep bounding through the hoops for that either, but they must like seeing me do so), playing with my adorable niece and nephew while their parents went kitchen shopping, having lunch with Dad because he had an emergency dentist appointment in town and fitting in work around the edges and between all.

And the tomorrow after that tomorrow after tomorrow (yesterday) I was tuckshop lady most of the day - I didn't even get on to look at work or blogs until after 'Salina's bedtime.

But you see - again another mystery - why do I make excuses for my tardiness rather than answer the mystery of why I promise to do something tomorrow and then allow life to interfere with my promises?

It is called P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-I-O-N - and while I know on internet world there are many vying for the crown, personally I do it waaaaaay too much and let it take over my mind and my life.

Maybe that dream was telling me something about only having enough carparks meant that I should not invite trouble by ever promising - my carpark is full? Ha - look at me even looking for excuses in sleep!!!

3.52am now - how about I just check this promise off my list.

So yes, my friend Betty* sent me my shirt!

I think I am currently the only person in Australia with this T-shirt - but it is a question for Australians as well as for the women of America my friend in Arizona is trying to catch the attention of with the shirt.

Despite my mother's pursed lips (and I know they are pursed, Mum) it is a question that any of us with boobs - male or female - should answer.

I do have boobs - and they have been very handy appendages, too. As you know, I have family occasionally tuning in so shall not tell you anything about earning potentials or the attractions that they offer - after all, this is a family show and I ain't showing the family!!

But I was one of those women who had her share of motherhood dramas when motherhood came into my life - but luckily they had more to do with the "hood" than the mothering.

I was one of the lucky ones who was able to nurture my child easily and proudly for 2 years (less one day - got sacked before I resigned) - which was lucky when you look at it, as the money issue may have made formula purchases interesting and my organisational skills were up to taking my boobs with me wherever I went - I am not sure I would have survived the remembering, sterilising and packing everything associated with bottle feeds (and more importantly, not sure 'Salina would have).

However, the attention is not to be drawn to my personal issues OR the sexual referencing that the word on the t-shirt offers.

It is about a very important issue close to my heart: Breast Cancer Research. Doesn't take much research to know that if BC had favourite hunting grounds then my family tree would have been up there on its list.

Of late fewer have fallen prey to its wicked ways, mainly due to modern medicine. And, see, you don't get much modern medicine without researching - and in the modern world of corporate greed accountability, it seems that it is more up to the people to pay for research in the hope that when a breakthrough is made it will be available to the people (and at a price within reason).

This year, The Betty Boobs (Betty and other Bettys - I don't think their names are Betty IRL but makes it easier) have put together a team and entered the 2007 Arizona Breast Cancer 3-Day!.

They undertook to do this last year, and despite many sore feet and aching bodies after managed to achieve their fundraising and walking goals - and selling these t-shirts will assist them again - which will assist research and activism which will assist Breast Cancer sufferers in the (hopefully near) future.

From their own blog:

The Betty Boobs members are primarily a Arizona 3-Day Team. We have each individually committed to raising over $2,000 for Breast Cancer before the November 2007 Walk. While trying to brainstorm different ways we could effectively fundraise the topic of t-shirts came up.

Our shirts were designed to be attention getters and fundraisers. They are $20 a piece, and 100% of your purchase will go toward the 3-Day which benefits Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust for Breast Cancer Fund.

We accept cash, money order and paypal. We have S, M, L, XL, and XXL, they are 100% cotton and are not preshrunk, so order accordingly!

If you would like to order a shirt please email us to place your order. If you have any questions please feel free to message, comment, email us or join the got boobs? myspace group if you haven't already. We are thrilled to help you and we are devoted in this cause.

And the got boobs? myspace URL is

Go Boobs!!! You can find details for contacting them on The Betty Boobs myspace page - Their email is the betty boobs at yahoo dot com (you know the protocol - no spaces and insert at and dot as applicable)

* I will call her Betty here because, although I know her name, this is the INTERNET children, and sometimes on the internet it is better to use a nom-de-plume because that way you have some anonymity. I actually met Betty over the internet and it took us knowing each other about 3 years online before I got even close to knowing her name, so there is no way I am going to just give it up. Okay?