Friday, May 25, 2007

Soak, Spin and Sizzle

Had a very lovely day.

Here is what Paradise was like at sunrise this morning:

Parents stayed last night and will be again tonight.

Last night was a fantastic (if I may say so myself) batch of spag bol and some awesome homemade garlic bread. I have people who are not in love with me or directly related to me who are willing to testify.

As V is going to be working for Saturdays from tomorrow until indefinitely, it was very welcome news that today he would get a rest day. We haven't had a Friday together since he snuck down early on a wet weekend during our long distance courting.

So after seeing 'Salina off on the school bus and waved the parents out of the driveway, we got down to some serious couples activity.

Yes indeed, we rearranged furniture, measured items and spaces and dreamed about what we were going to spend future monies on.

I also got a call from an old Sydney colleague offering me some work for some clients of his - not knocking back any of that - and the more I can do from home the better It helps those monies dreams seem more coupley - still haven't quite got the mantle of spending V's money sitting right.

I had some vague blog inspirations this morning with hanging out the laundry. You know how, when you hang out the laundry you are free to blog in your mind about many matters? I have had many a poem, rant or blog get created as I whir and peg, whir and peg...

Here are just a few from the backyard of late:
  • Smut in Childers - oh, I had a very funny take on the word play this offered
  • OCD behaviour with being a cloth nappy mother - I even colour co-ordinated the pegs with the nappies... I must tell you (or at least a therapist) about that madness one day... I have toned it down somewhat these days to folding by drawers, but surely everyone does that!
  • Clues from the clothesline - I wondered how many clues you could get about a person from a snapshot of their clothesline. I also wondered whether it was a PI training device, whether it has been used in any books and whether I should. What do you think?

The problems with such inspirations are that they very rarely make it into the computer - and there may be a very good reason for that...

Tonight they (my parents, not my food fans) shouted us at the local Sizzlers - my father and my daughter are huge fans, and an all you can eat salad bar is right up V's alley!

We rolled out of there just in time to settle in front of the tele and footy - ahh life in Paradise - you gotta love it!


Jen at Semantically driven said...

3 things:

- I too always think of fantastic blog posts when I'm not near my computer or a notebook. Of course I then forget them.
- Cloth nappies - good for you. I too did that but was not OCD about it. I was just glad to get them cleaned and dried.
- Sizzlers? Are they still around?

Brissiemum2 said...

Omg! I thought I was the only one who colour co-ordinated pegs! You know that you have to have matching pegs for each item of clothing and you can never put coloured pegs on a clothing item where the colours clash. Pink pegs and red shirts are a definite no-no here!

I have tried to change, honest I have, but it is really hard to break this habit. I just can't bring myself to be non-matching!

Glad to know I'm not alone!

Tracey said...

While I think of blog posts while I'm hanging out the washing, you will surely have me sussed enough by now to know that there is no way I'd be doing the peg colour coordination thing. In fact, I can't even manage to hang the socks out in pairs! Mind you, if the girls hang clothes out for me, I have to bite my tongue if they've been hung out 'upside down' or wonky or whatever. I guess we all have our demons, but I do wonder about you all with the peg ones! That really crosses into OCD territory!!! LOL.

jeanie said...

Yep Jaycee - Sizzlers are still doing business - and quite brisk business it is too in this neck of the woods.

My main OCD was when I was doing about 36 cloth nappies a day - hmmm my post-natal behaviour was very interesting - and I got the nappies into all sorts of groupings and themes.

I am better at the peg thing these days, it helps to have less pegs than the full wash day can handle to break you of the OCD behaviour, but pegging I think is something everyone has something little about.