Thursday, May 24, 2007

Housework, woodwork and unpaid work

Okay - first the housework - The Mighty Maroons won last night, and I do take some credit in the win.

Its all about superstition, see. I finished that little job I had going yesterday in the corner of the office - and my deal was that if I got that done then the boys would have better fortune.

I suppose having a superior team on the field helped. I mean, they had to score twice as often just to get the points on the board thanks to the blued vision of the officials - but luckily they ARE that good.

So, what do you think - 'Salina's room for the next match? Or will Trace have something more challenging to offer the Housework Gods as sacrifice? (No permalink, Trace, cause I think that was a comments discussion, wasn't it?)

Finally Thursday is here and I actually have an old poem that might fit the
this week’s (completely and totally optional) idea — who’s talking?
! Well, not exactly, but I have cackled along thinking that I would do this Poetry Thursday thing for so long now that even a sideways glance is as good as a match for me.

Bit of background:
  • once upon a time I had a campervan named "Rig";
  • once upon a time I had ex-boyfriends behaving badly;
  • once upon a time I had ex-boyfriends friends hit upon me often; and
  • once upon a time I was a performance poet - and such subject matter was not immune to being worked into material. (sort of like blogging, really)
Without further ado, here is the poem: (Okay, one more ado - there are tabs in this poem, which are my wont - but unfortunately not the wont of the html generation - so imagine imacculate layout please)


He said “Why don’t you sleep here?”
I said “No.”
He said “Why?”
I said “Because” and went on to tell of
the desire for my own bed
and dreams
unencumbered by the pressure of another
or surrounds unfamiliar.
And he asked whether this was preferable to being with him,
And I told him that it was not that
he was not a preference,
He just wasn’t a consideration.

And he said “Stay for a while, then”
And I said “No.”
And he said “Why?”
And I explained my need for sleep
and the hour of morn
and how this hour had represented my wake up call
on the day we were still calling today
but was yesterday.
And he said “Sleep here”
And I said “No.”

He said “We have to start somewhere”
I said “No.”
He said “Why?”
So I told him how a journey that was going nowhere
Could do whatever it liked as far as I was concerned.
My path was focussed
and I could not see him making a huge impression
on my journey.
And he said “You have to make decisions
for your own happiness”
I said “I am.”

So he said “Lets just make it a one-night stand”
So I said “No.”
So he said “Why?”
And I laughed and said how
it wasn’t the place
it wasn’t the timing
it wasn’t the time
and how I didn’t find it, or him, an attractive prospect.
And how, if I were feeling so inclined,
I had enough tricks up my sleeve
without resorting to the good friend
of a bad ex.

And he said “It’s because of him”
And I said “No.”
And he said “yes” and went on to explain
nuances of my previous relationship
that were - interesting
and very unflattering reflections on my judgement
at the time.
And he said “I always fancied you”
And he said “You liked me, too”
And he said “Your ex was jealous of me”
And he said “He’s got someone new,
Someone unlike you.”
And he pulled me near
And he whispered in my ear
“Lets be together tonight”
And I said “No.”

So we shared a cigarette
He gave me his number for a cup of tea and chat
And asked for a souvenir from me
(preferably underwear)
And we laughed at his little joke.
I kicked him out of the Rig
and headed off
into the sunrise.

Now its off to make beds for visitors, doing enough housework to make it look like I have, put together an application for some assistance in working for myself as noone else has a job for me, collect child and another from school (as looking after him for a friend), making amazingly good spaghetti sauce and feeding, entertaining and nurturing many - happy Thursday!!!


Tee/Tracy said...

I love your contribution to poetry thursday! (Good girl ;) LOL.)