Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Its not procrastinating - its organising my mind!

Things I should be doing:
  1. Writing a user guide
  2. Chasing barcodes
  3. Writing another user guide
  4. Writing an invoice
  5. Packaging it all and kissing it goodbye
  6. until I have to do the whole beg for money routine
  7. Tidy The Corner of the Office
Things I have done instead:
  1. Checked the blogs
  2. Copied lots of links to interesting posts
  3. Had coffee and contemplated
  4. Taken away the barricade to The Corner of the Office
  5. Decided to write a blog instead

Elizabeth advised me in my comments:
No do not take a man grocery shopping.

He will evolve into:

a...the man who will throw anything interesting into the cart with no thought to cost


b...the man who questions every item you pick up to put in the cart because of brand or cost or some strange reasoning of his own.

If a man wants to go to the grocery store than he has to start doing the meal planning and the cooking.

See, this is one benefit of getting a new partner in your late 30s and know what you do not want in a man - and finding the new partner who has budgeted, cooked and cleaned for himself for some time.

He cooks! He cleans! And we are still in the halcyon days of our relationship where we can laugh and kiss in public over stupid little things. Ah yes, I am sure we are embarrassing the heck out of innocent bystanders having no child around to focus our behaviour on!

When it is no longer fun, then he can go by himself.

In fact, he is cooking dinner tonight (Tuesday is Taco Night, due to us being at Guides and needing dinner to come home to and it being a dinner 'Salina adores) AND tomorrow night (as it is the first State of Origin for the year, we are having footy fare!)

Speaking of being in the halcyon days, my SIL got me a book for my birthday: The Bad Mother's Revenge by Sonia Neale.

Now, it is quite humourous - although there are some bits that have me perplexed. Maybe you can help me...

My relationship history is - umm - diverse and interesting - but I never got to that whole bored with the more fun side of things if you know what I mean.

Now, one of the reasons that I sometimes feel a bit out of place in the blogosphere (hell, society too) is that so many found Mr Right, settled down, did the kids - and I sort of muddled up the order (but had fun doing it - not bemoaning my life, here).

But what odds do we have to break to not have that bored with the more fun side of things happen?

Although, I must admit that Oh The Joys seems to have been in our living room because part of our bonding process is watching crap TV!

Speaking of my diverse and interesting past, for once Poetry Thursday has a completely and totally optional idea that I already have a poem for.

Every week I mean to participate. Every week I (used to) have visions of writing something profound and incisive and new. Every week I realise that I have more excuses than new material. This week is different - this week I shall trot out something I used to "do on the circuit" and to heck with new material.

The topic this week is "Imagined Dialogues" - and the beauty of the "Completely and Totally Optional Idea" - to my mind - is I can morph it into being pertinent. Ha ha - not being a joiner due to not choosing to always conform to preset rules, I have participated in exactly 0 such exercises. Going to break the duck!

Other blogs that inspired me this morning but will not morph into the flow of this one:

Anyhow - it is time - User Guides, here I come!!!!!

Oh, but before I do, here is The Corner of the Office - I hope that tomorrow you may see an after shot!

Go Maroons!!!


OhTheJoys said...

Ooooh! You have to bring your mad organizing skillz to my office! Heh.

Melody said...

I liked your inital list, but I can totally relate to the actual list... heehee...

Tracey said...

Wow, great procrastinating! I'm impressed!

Hey, so I tend to agree with E about the shopping thing - my husband has mostly evolved into the latter, although he has mad moments of the former. Congratulations on avoiding that particular loophole!

Go the Blues! :D